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    Travel. Eat. Sleep

    Hi All! Moving into a  new abode within your city or across a new state can be stressful. From...
    From mid-December, where you can go and what you can do will depend on whether or not you've had...
    Large parts of Queensland are set to be drenched over the next few days as severe thunderstorms...
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    Hello There! My name is Mila. I am a Brisbane based MBA student who loves to travel a lot on weekends or whenever have a chance. I like taking pictures of my favourite destinations wherever I go. I like writing my travel experiences and stories to inspire others to travel and appreciate the natural beauty gifted by Mother Nature. I have visited many cities nearby Brisbane and have a long list to go on. Starting from my own little South Brisbane, I would like to share a little about this place, which is full of famous tourist places with award-winning diner and hidden laneways. I hope you will enjoy reading my posts.

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    I'm a Brisbane based MBA student who love to travel a lot. Write me and chat about travel.

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